The traditional jewelers have produced master model
through wax carving manually.
Nowadays, with 3D Printing technology,
wax carving has been slightly disappearing.

It is also bring positive effects such as
easy to make reproductions
and increasing productivity.

Working with 3D Printer enables to produce
complicated and impossible structure jewelry
they cannot with wax carving.

Why 3D Printing
in Jewelry

The needs of 3D Printing in Jewelry Market

Advantage of bringing 3D Printing in jewelry market

Why Carima’s 3D Printing in Jewelry Market

Line Up
for Jewelry

Carima’s 3D printer product for jewelry, which can print
precise and high resolution parts, is the representative
product of Carima, which is used in a wide range
of Jewelry requiring high resolution and high-precision output.

3D Printer

Curing Machine


Material only for Jewelry

A variety of Jewelry applications many materials are available.

Materials for Jewelry