How is Carima responding to COVID-19?

South Korea was one of the first countries struck with COVID-19
before it spread worldwide. To overcome coronavirus pandemic as a
community, Carima listened and took action.

The need of nasal swab

Nasopharyngeal(NP) swabs are used to collect test sample of nasal secretions from the back of the nose
and throat. Despite its need in the current state of affairs, these flexible sticks are in shortage.
We believe we have a solution to this problem.
Carima’s fast printing. high precision and high reproducibility 3D Printer has the capability
to print nasal swab fast and accurately.


Carima’s 3D printer and biocompatible nontoxic CMYK resin is the solution for mass-producing swabs
in a short time. Carima’s CMYK resin is PII : 0.2 certified.

Overall Printing Guide

Production Process

1. Model Data                     2. 3D Printing                        3. Nasal Swab



View Nasal Swab Timelapse