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DLP 3D printer, our main product, is a complex industry
product where almost all technology is included such as
optics, precise control, bio/material, Software/Program, etc.
Utilization field is also concentrated on 8 product groups,
i.e. medicine, mold, culture/sports, national defense,
electric electronic, automobile, aviation, shipbuilding,
energy, and 2 SVC groups as design and distribution.

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by considering customers the first priority and creating
best product and service.

All managers and employees of Carima Co.,Ltd.

Recent Commercialization
of Carima

Recent Commercialization of Carima

Industries that require the most complex and diverse forms
of construction and production:
Photopolymerization 3D printing technology has no limitations
in shape implementation.


Chips for Specific Cell Test
(Lap on a Chip)

Spare Parts
(Discounted and Supply-Deffective Parts)

Educational, Institute


   1983 – 1985

– Ltd. Established : CK
– Photo Photoconductor Development

   2000 – 2010

– Patented : Fast Lamination
– Environment Management System Certification
– Patented : photo fabrication Device
– South Korea’s first Development and Release : DLP 3D Printer Master
– Optical Engine Development
– Seoul Mayor Commendation Award : Best Small Business
– Recognition : New Technology (NEP) – New Technology Commercialization Award (Industry and Energy Institute)
– Research Institute Certification
– World-class Product Certification
– DPS System Development
– Ltd. Established : Carima
– Detail-Technology Promotion Conference Award (Industry and Energy Institute)


– Release Industrial Product : Master PLUS
– Optical Instrument New Technology Development LAA (Journal of Optical Society of Korea)
– Master Plus technology innovation award(Korea Institute of Industrial Manufacturing Systems)
– Technology Development Achievement Award (Minister of Education, Science and Technology)
– Small Business Green Management System Certification

   2012 – 2013

– Select to Industrial Fusion Firm and Leading Product
– CE and KC Certification
– Foreign Medical Device Manufacturers Certification (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare)
– Fast Photo Fabrication Device 3D Printer New Technology Certification


– Launches New Detail 3D Printer : DM200
– Launches New Popular 3D Printer : DP100
– Japan’s Mitsui Chemicals Medical Materials Co-development Projects Processing
– Best Invention Registration (Korea Invention Promotion Association)
– Small Business Technology Innovation citation
– Venture Businesses Certification (Korea Venture Business Association)


– High-tech Medical Equipment Development Project Processing
– 3D printer parts, nominated for leading product-
– Announcement to World fastest Carima-Countinuous Additive Technology (C-CAT)
– International PCT Application Patented : Fast Lamination Layer photo fabrication Device etc.

   2016 – 2017

– Launches New Industrial(desktop) 3D Printer : TM200
– Launches New professional 3D Printer only for Dental : DS131
– ODM agreement with medical group : DS131
– ODM agreement with industry partner in Japan : TM200
– Launches New professional 3D Printer for Jewelry, Figure, Mock-up : IM96, IM110
– Launches New Industrial 3D Printer : DM250
– Carima-Countinuous Additive Technology(C-CAT) New Excellent Technology Certification(NET) high elasticity material development : silicone rubber


– MOQ agreement with medical group for Dental
– ODM agreement with industry partner in Japan : ML200
– ODM agreement with industry partner in Russia


– MOQ agreement with medical group for Dental
– ODM agreement with industry partner in Japan : ML200
– ODM agreement with industry partner in Russia