It is equipped with C-CAT**, the world's ultra-high-speed continuous additive technology that can be printed up to 50 cm per hour. And the user can select between normal and continuous AM modes depending on the model structure, thickness, and material characteristics.

The X1 is the most innovative industrial 3D printer

developed based on CARIMA's intensive technology. 

320 x 290 x 500mm

Build Volume(W/D/H)


Pixel Size(X/Y)

30 ~ 200μm

(In case of 200μm, it varies depending on the material)

Layer Thickness

385 or 405nm UV LED



Engine Resolution

Continuous AM Technology ‘C-CAT’  

X1 delivers the highest productivity with the 

world's ultra-fast continuous stacking technology.  

• C-CAT, up to 50 cm printing per hour! 

 **C-CAT: Carima-Continuous Additive Technology

TFS(Tension Free System) applied   

Patented TFS ensures printing stability by minimizing release force.  

*TFS: Tension Free System developed by CARIMA 

Open Material System: Various functional resins available   

X1 allows the use of 3rd-party materials and all the photopolymer resins with high mechanical properties (high viscosity, high heat resistance).

Automatic Resin Dispensing Device   

X1 can avoid resin running out via Intelligent resin filling and stopping system. 

Heating Mechanism (Max. 50°C)   

X1 has a built-in high-power heating mechanism, which can heat the resin VAT's temperature to 50°C.