Tough Black


Elastic ToughRubber (ETR) unlocks the benefits of additive manufacturing to
those in the rubber, polyurethane and foam industries. Elastic ToughRubber is
simply the toughest AM elastomer on the market. With a tear strength of 30 kN/m,
200% elongation and ultimate tensile strength of 20 mPa, ETR mimics leading
injection molded thermoplastic polyurethanes like PEBAX ® and Elastollan ®. If
you make parts from technical foams, rubbers or polyurethanes, ETR is your
solution to additive manufacturing end parts and products.
  1. Higher performance 
  2. Faster and more affordable part production time
  3. Simplicity and ease of use
  4. High tear strength, high resilience (elasticity),
    high strain, high tensile strength
  5. One part one pot polymer system simplifies storage and
    processing for a cleaner safer production environment.
Tough Black
Model Code: 3DK88B
Carima’s Urethane Tough resin, having highly balanced tensile strength and elongation at break rate, is used for various purposes in industrial fields. Urethane Tough is used to create engineering parts such as jigs and fixtures. Two parts can be fused together for use without breaking due to its elongation at break(30%).

product specification

 Hardness : Shore A 90
 Bayshore Resilience : 45%
 Tear Strength :43 kN/m
 Elongation : 220%
 Toughness : 20 MJ/m^3
 Ultimate Tensile Strength : 13MPa

Glass Transition Temperature: -68℃(-90.4℉) to +75℃(167℉)

Available Colors: Black
Recommended field :  
- Impact parts
- Seals
- End-parts and products
- Hinging mechanisms
- Functional prototypes

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