Carima Face Shield

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How is Carima responding to COVID-19? 

South Korea was one of the first countries struck with COVID-19 before it spread worldwide. 
To overcome coronavirus pandemic as a community, Carima listened and took action.


The full-face plastic shield protects the wearer’s eyes and prevents the spread of microbes and germs.

Carima’s engineers designed face shields that can be produced with any Carima printer. 
The goal is to print and deliver at least 500 shields to communities in need. Carima, with its fast printing 3D printer, p
ledges to respond to needs and overcome COVID-19 together with all the communities around the world.

Materials in Face Shield 

The shield frame is printed with Carima’s non-toxic CMYK resin. Carima’s CMYK resin,

 inspected and certified PII : 0.2, has been classified as ‘Practically Non-toxic.’ 

Production Process 


1. MODELING                                                                2. 3D PRINTING 


3. SHIELD FRAME                                                  4. FACE SHIELD

Materials in Face Shield 

Version 1

Version 2

Materials in Face Shield 

  1. Print vertically and add supporters on the bottom of the output for DLP/SLA/LCD printers.
    (z-axis : 155mm)

  2. Start printing.

  3. Use solid and hard to resin to print. ex) tough resin

Assembly Guide

  1. Tie the elastic band in knots.

  2. Place the knot inside the provided hole on both sides of the shield frame..

  3. Wear the elastic band and adjust to fit by tying and untying the knot.

  4. After fitting the elastic band, cut out the rest of the band.

  5. Drill two holes from the middle hole, each 80mm apart.

  6. The hole diameter needs to be 5mm.

Shield Frame Texture                                         

The shield frames are printed with slight texture for the wearer’s convenience


Certified Non-toxic Resin                                         

Carima CMYK resin has been tested and certified as a non-toxic resin.

Vesion 1

Version 2


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