New C-CAT(Carima Continuous Additive Technology)

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(Carima Continuous Additive Technology)

C-CAT stands for Carima Continuous Additive Technology, allowing DLP 3D printers to print fast, continuous layers. C-CAT was first revealed in 2015, and the new C-CAT has unveiled in 2020. The new C-CAT has been newly improved and developed to print faster, accurate continuous layers.

New Technology
The existing continuous layer method uses an oxygen layer to release force causing the layer to become thinner or disappear due to the inflow of resin. In order to minimize the dissipation, our technology dramatically improved the disjunctive surface technology so that it can be less than 1/100th lower than the existing film. We have not only improved the dissipation but also increased the option to choose output layer thickness. Due to its weak release force, continuous molding is possible during printing, allowing to print output up to 60cm per hour.

Compatible Resin
The technology is compatible with Carima’s industrial materials such as Tough BLK and Rigid BLK, as well as photopolymers from other companies.

(Left) Nasal Swab / (Right) Armcast 

1. Print output at the speed of 30cm to 120cm(maximize speed depending on the output)

2. Increased thickness and speed maximizes productivity per unit volume

3. Different types of material reactivity and viscosity information can be applied to continuous layers.

4. Easy-to-use and user-friendly because no separate device is required.

6. High reproducibility rate

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